What is a "Pre-Order" and how do I start the process?

Great Question! We're very excited to offer a pre-order system for our customers. Details of the programs and how to get started have been outlined below:

  1. How do I get started with my Pre-Order?
  • Simply just add any eligible pre-order products to your cart as a normal purchase
    • Review the estimated shipping time-frame advertised in the item description before placing your order!
    • You will be prompted to create a Goodbirb.com ® account. After your account creation just follow the check out process and complete your order!
    • Full payment will be made towards the order so that your pre-order can be manufactured and prepared just for you!
    • You will receive an order confirmation via email after order placement. Some customers will receive an update 3 days before their order is ready to ship. These updates will be within the advertised shipping timeframe listed for the product purchased!
    • If any unexpected changes towards the shipping timeframe estimate(s) occur you will receive ab advance notice via email. 


    • By placing a pre-order you are agreeing to the conditions outlined within our terms & conditions page. All customers will receive an order confirmation via email after order placement. Some customers may receive an update 3 days before their order is ready to be shipped by the advertised timeframe. The final combined total of charges will be equal to the advertised price plus shipping / sales tax (if applicable). Tracking will be provided via email after shipment just like any other order
          2.  What is a Pre-Order?
    • Pre-orders exist so that customers have the luxury of reserving an item before inventory is received. We know some items can have a high demand in the market, and so this system allows all customers the opportunity to reserve a piece for themselves
    • All pre-orders placed will be charged in full to the customer's card so that the goods can be purchased from the manufacturer in advance
      • After your pre-order / back-order is placed wait times are estimated to be 6-18 weeks depending on the type of product being ordered
      • Expected delivery times are outlined within the item description
             3.  Pre-Order Refund Policy
      • If for whatever reason you would like to cancel your pre-order you may do so at any time. Pre-order payments will be refunded within 3-5 business days after a refund request has been initiated, or a cancelation has been made. All order refund requests can be made by emailing customer service at inquiries@goodbirb.com
      • Please review our "Returns & Exchanges" page for more details. 
      • We guarantee to answer your request within 3-5 business days. 
      • Pre-orders that have already been shipped to the customer must be returned to AND received by us first before a refund can be issued.
      • Please review our standard return policy listed in our terms & conditions once products from your pre-order(s) are received. 

      CLICK HERE to read more about our pre-order terms & conditions, returns, and refund policies.

      NOTE* By purchasing via the Goodbirb.com pre-order / back-order option you acknowledge that you have read the pre-order / back-order Terms & Conditions and disclosure below:

      1. I have read and reviewed all pre-order information listed here
      2. I have reviewed the estimated shipping lead times as advertised and agree to the terms.
      3. I agree to have full payment charged up front on the pre-order / back-order placement. 
      4. I understand my rights to a pre-order cancellation and full refunds on payments at any time prior to the shipment of products (3 - 5 business days for refund processing time). 
      5. I acknowledge that pre-orders already shipped cannot receive a refund until product is returned back to our distribution center. 
      6. By using our pre-order / back-order services you also agree that you have read the following disclosure: Goodbirb.com ® uses secured 3rd party payment processing / order collection services to help manage and streamline the order process for everyone. Goodbirb.com does not own or manage these 3rd party services, and does not hold responsibility towards any system errors or negligence that arises due to the 3rd party software / services in question. A full list of all 3rd party order management & order processing services utilized by Goodbirb.com ® can be provided at anytime by customer request. Please email Inquiries@goodbirb.com with the subject line "I would like a full disclosure of all 3rd party services used for pre-orders / back-orders" and we will provided this list to you within 3-5 business days.