How do I become a "Club Member" ?

We're glad you asked! To become a club member just follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Create a® user account and sign in.
  2. CLICK HERE to select your Club Membership subscriptionbilling cycle, and products / sizes (if applicable).
  3. Continue with the check out process, then enjoy the new perks!


Payments, Billing Cycles, and Shipments:

Each new club membership subscription will be billed up-front on the initial sign-up date. Afterwards each recurring charge will follow on that same day monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on chosen subscription cycle. 

  • e.g. Annual club memberships are billed up front in full, and will not be billed again until that same month of the following year. Monthly / Quarterly club memberships are billed up-front for the first month, and on the same day of each consecutive month(s) based on the desired billing cycle chosen

Product based subscriptions will not start to ship until 7-15 days after the outlined billing cycle associated to that subscription has been charged

  • e.g. All Monthly / Quarterly club membership billing cycles are set by default to bill on the same day as your initial subscription date for the following month(s) based on the prefered billing cycle chosen. Product will then ship within 7-15 days after payment confirmation for that billing cycle.


Cancellations & Returns: 

Honestly we're not sure who doesn't enjoy receiving tees & discounts! However if you need to cancel your membership for whatever reason please note we issue refunds towards membership cancellations within 3-7 business days after cancellation notice is received prior to shipment. If the current subscription cycle had already shipped a refund will be issued within 15 business days after confirmation that the returned goods have been received from the member. Refunds to any customer will not be issued until confirmation that returned goods have been properly received and processed. Product must be in new, unused condition prior to returning. We do not offer returns or refunds on prior subscription cycles beyond 28 days to date. Any subscription related shipping & handling costs will not be refunded, and return postage is paid by the member for product returns. 

*NOTE: The extended 60-days return period only applies to non-subscription based purchases / products.