Anti-Bootleg Policy


Before products are pushed to a live status, the ® Marketplace team requires submission of invoice copies associated to the licensed manufacturers / authorized suppliers from where the vendor obtained the goods being listed on our site.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, as we have an obligation to ensure licensed goods are offered to consumers. Due to the sheer volume of products some vendor partners offer, we only require 1 sample invoice per brand being offered as proof of licensed manufacturer / authorized supplier relationships. Individual SKUs may be subject to individual authentication depending on vendor history, and customer reviews / complaints. 

(Example: Your offered assortment consists of Banpresto, Nendoroid, Funko Pop, Q Posket, and FREEing. We would need an invoice (with your business name listed) showing the brand name(s) being sold to your business as proof of an existing relationship with a licensed manufacturer / authorized supplier. Individual SKU may be subject to re-verification at our discretion, based on vendor history).


PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION OF POLICIES ® Marketplace currently upholds a 3-strike policy for anti-bootleg / unlicensed goods enforcement. If any approved product is deemed to be in violation of our anti-bootleg policy, they will be subject to immediate removal with no advance warning. Any vendors with repeat violations, up to 3 times, may be subject to an account and transaction history review. Repeat offenses may cause the vendor to potentially be disenrolled from the marketplace, vendor account terminated, and future privileges to sell on ® revoked indefinitely. 


By utilizing the ® & ® Marketplace you automatically agree to these conditions by default.